Weather or not

At the risk of sounding uber-Canadian, let’s talk about the weather. It sucks.
It is currently 11 C. Eleven!! It’s June 11th, and it’s 11 C.
(as always, for the benefit of our American friends: 52 F)
Now, granted, it is morning, and the forecast is calling for a high of 19, which is not that far from the ‘normal’ of 22 C (66 F and 72 F, respectively). But add to the temperature woes the fact that it has been raining for, like, ever, and you get some idea of why, once again, all we can talk about around here is the weather.
The rest of the week looks better, with highs in the low 20s and ‘variable cloudiness’ instead of the ‘incessant, mind-numbing drizzle’ with which we’ve been faced the last few days. But with all due respect to the meteorological Cassandras, they’ve been wrong before. Like last week. And the week before.
We’ll see. In the meantime, the furnace came on last night, the cat is damp and miserable, and the house smells faintly of wet towels all the time (I hasten to clarify that this smell does not actually come from wet towels).

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