That’s better.

Sorry for the inconsistency. I think this look will last for a while. The pink and green was ok, and very spring-like, but it wasn’t really me. This I can live with.

5 Replies to “That’s better.”

  1. Looks great either way! I would suggest a Javascript app that changes the colours every few days like Google keeps changing their logo.

  2. Are you sure about the dark grey on black for the day/date? That notwithstanding, I LOVE your header Latin proverb – I can’t wait to use it, casually, of course, in conversation.

  3. Well, technically, it’s an olivey-green (like the banner) on navy, but I’ll see if I can play with the colours a little.
    You were, of course, the inspiration for going Latin, thanks to our recent conversation about Latin texts, oh materfamilias.

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