Confessions of a grammarian

Yesterday morning, Dr. T and I were having our morning coffee and paper in bed, listening to the local radio news. The news included an item about a convicted pedophile who is now facing new charges. The news reader said something about a group of children, “three of which gave statements” leading to the new charges.
I sat up in bed and yelled at the radio “OF WHOM!!!”
Dr. T looked at me and said “that’s what disturbs you about this story?”
I may have to reprioritize.

3 Replies to “Confessions of a grammarian”

  1. LOL! As disturbing as the story is, in itself, I also was distracted by the clunk of “which,” in reference to the children.
    I suppose, though, if you do not see children as persons, “which” would seem appropriate. Two strikes!

  2. My favorite, as it was also a pet peeve of my mothers, is when these journalists attribute animal characteristics to years as in “the year 1996 saw……”. I’m human and my eyes are failing, but I am sure I can still see better that a unit of time can.

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