Winning/whining in Turino

We’re doing OK at the Winter Olympics, probably because the winter games involve a lot of snow and ice, with which we Canadians are regrettably familiar. Take skeleton, f’r’instance – it’s called ‘skeleton’ because the equipment is a bare-bones sled, no bells, no whistles, no design to speak of, which means our team can almost afford new ones. I bet that during the off-season, we send our skeleton sleds to the Canadian military.
So, kudos to our athletes who are willing to throw themselves headfirst down a long track of ice, or strap Katzenjammer Kids skates to their feet, as our medal-hauling spped skaters have done. Congrats also to Jeff Buttle, who stayed relatively upright most of the time and bagged the bronze figure-skating medal.
A big fat raspberry, however, to perpetually whingeing Emanuel Sandhu, who is still bitching about not being selected for the 1998 Olympic team. 1998!!
Here’s an idea – any other Canadian athletes that compete but don’t medal, no matter what the sport, should also place the blame on the ’98 COC and their decision to leave Sandhu at home. Fall down in the downhill? ’98 OC’s fault. Lose the hockey gold? ’98 OC’s fault. Miss the biathlon target? You get the idea.

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