Silver lining, anyone?

Ok, well, my original election prediction was a little off.
The good news is that there’s no way the Harper Valley bunch can do much damage, considering that they’re in an uncomfortable position (for a Conservative party) of having to broker deals with either the slightly leftist Liberals, the all-the-way left Bloc or the so-far-left-left-looks-centrist NDP. So chances are we’ll get to keep our pot and gay weddings, and we’re not likely to be scrapping Kyoto or rushing off to Iraq in the immediate future.
The better news is that the result forced Martin to make an actual decision and step down as leader – so we may finally get genuinely new blood at the Liberal helm. Which means that the party actually stands a chance in the next election, presumably scheduled for later this year (unless the Tories have actually learned something from their last minority fiasco).
The best news? No more campaign!!

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