24 hours from now, we’ll be on a plane, homeward bound.
We’ve had a great visit, about which I will write later – I was unable to successfully connect the laptop and have been forced to use a Mac (!!) for the two weeks I’ve been here, and somehow blogging isn’t the same on an unfamiliar keuvoard. Or rather, keyboard.
So, pictures and anecdotes are on the agenda for next week, as are laundry, unpacking, starting the next M.Ed. course, and an interview at Dawson College (I got a call from them as I was trying on shoes at the local Clarks store). In the meantime, we’re enjoying our last few hours with the UK branch of the family – but I’m also really starting to look forward to seeing my house and my cat and my Mum and my friends and my bed and my car. I’ll even enjoy the snow for a day or two.

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  1. Had to laugh when we returned to the UK after experiencing 41cm of snow in Montreal to headlines like “temperatures plummet to -5C!!” Ooooh scary! Shut the country down!

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