Yes, Virginia, there is a Lisa

Lisa, with Naomi, and Dina
She’s real! And she’s not secretly a spotty fourteen-year-old boy trying to meet mature women!
Dina and I met with Lisa, Paul and Jack for a lovely brunch on a very, very snowy day here in Montreal. The whole family is lovely, and Jack has the best baby hair ever.
Colin and Robert got to come too, since it’s a snow day! Whee!!
Thanks to modern technology, I was able not only to take this picture with my cel phone, but also to mail it from the phone to Flickr.
And let’s not forget that without modern technology, Dina and I would never have “met” Lisa at all. So three cheers for high tech!

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  1. No, I’m actually a spotty middle aged man looking for a lovely bride. 😉
    It was so excellent to meet all of you! We could have stayed there with you guys all day. xx

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