Ding! Dong!

elections.jpgThe wicked witch is, well, not dead, as such. Seriously ill, perhaps. I’m sure I heard the witch sneeze.
Thanks to an overwhelming non-confidence vote yesterday evening, Canadians are headed to the polls in January. We are, by and large, nonplussed.
These are our candidates. I generously did not use the Village People Harper picture, but I am not above including it as a popup.
Why is this election special? Because it serves no purpose whatsoever, other than ridding Montreal streets of mayoral election posters to make room for federal election posters. Chances are, two months from now, there will be a minority Liberal government. With Paul Martin at the helm. With Layton on board to provide NDP support. And Harper across the floor. Near Duceppe.
Plus ca change…

8 Replies to “Ding! Dong!”

  1. There are Conservatives in B.C.? I had no idea.
    Apparently the Cons have 8% support here in la belle province. 8%!! We must really be PO-ed with the Libs.

  2. I was shocked to move to BC and discover it a haven of conservative folks. Outside of large cities (uh, city?) it’s pretty unliberal…. in Vancouver we have debates between liberal, ndp, and green party candidates – no conservatives to be seen at all.

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