Excuses, excuses

Ok. All that stuff about posting soon? The promises of book reviews, pithy insights, etc., etc.? Yeah, well, don’t hold your breath.
I received an e-mail from my coordinator today, asking me if I would be willing to take on another course. I’m already teaching a full load, but there’s a sudden need for a permanent substitute for this course, and apparently I’m the best candidate.
This isn’t just another section of a course I’m already teaching, either. Right now I’m teaching Canadian Women Writers, Detective Fiction and Cracking the Code, the aforementioned critical thinking course. All of these are post-intro level courses. The new course is Literature and Composition, a.k.a. college English 101.
So this request represents four more hours in the classroom, plus a whole lotta prep hours, not to mention many, many more essays.
Naturally, I said yes.
Which means that my blogging – not to mention my social life, my weekends, and my laundry – will pay the price. At least until all those essays come in and I need a distraction.
Wish me luck!

11 Replies to “Excuses, excuses”

  1. I’m comin’ in late on this debate but I gotta tell ya, we do the cleaning lady thing and, man, the amount of stress it saves us (not to mention our relationship) is worth every penny. And we don’t even have kids.
    Plus it’s fun to participate in a hierarchical class structure.

  2. Ah–just in case I needed it, you’ve given me yet another reason to be thoroughly thankful that I’m no longer teaching! Actually, I didn’t need it, but there it is.
    Thank you, Bruce, for starting your business when you did, and for being so doggoned good at it!

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