Fall preview

Coming soon: book reviews! life updates! cute quotes!
Currently available: new photos from our Labour Day weekend. We spent Saturday at Upper Canada Village with the cousins, and on Monday we went to the Old Port where we tried the Labyrinth, rode on a caleche, juggled at Place Jacques Cartier, laughed at clowns, and had a lovely supper. Also, vague excuses for not writing regularly and vaguer promises to write more soon.
Today’s hot debate topic: should Muslim women be required to unveil for photo ID, or is such a request a violation of the right to religious freedom? Sultaana Freeman has just been told by the state appeals court in Florida that regardless of her religious beliefs, concerns for national security demand that all Florida drivers must reveal their faces for their licenses.
We discussed this case in my Critical Thinking* course this afternoon – we have not yet come to any conclusions, but if you’d like to add your two cents to the debate, comments are welcome!
*I’ll write more about the courses and the new campus, etc., etc., soon. Promise.

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  1. Did you buy bread at UCV? That’s my best memory of there from when I was a kid. The fact that I had to buy 2 loaves: one to eat and one to take home.
    As for the ID question, keep in mind I’m coming from a decidedly non-religious lifestyle, but it seems to me that if a photo is required for identification purposes, then one should be able to see all your features, not just your eyes.

  2. We bought cheese and maple fudge. We also bought a bag each of the white and whole wheat flour milled at UCV, so we’ll make our own bread! They were sold out by the time we hit the gift shop.

  3. Yeeshgads! When will those people join the 21st century? If they can’t unveil for a photo they can’t drive. Seems pretty simple to me.

  4. What? Muslim women have to unviel to churn butter in Upper Canada Villiage?
    That’s outrageous!
    On second thought….maybe I should…um…read your blog again…

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