2 Replies to “‘Stop stealing our F**king signs’”

  1. Why not use the word friggin’? It’s so rarely used and it’s a delightful euphemism. For all your folks who were surfing the web and accidentally fell upon this page, I am a former colleague of Maggie McDonnell. I do realize that the following has nothing to do with this blog, but I’d like to let you know that Maggie is greatly missed at Champlain College. All the best to you Maggie!
    …the truth is I forgot your e-mail address…I am ashamed.

  2. Silly boy. Andrew K has it, as does Viv, Melanie, etc., etc.
    I miss you guys too!!!
    Oh, and, um, doofus, read the article before ya get all moral and censorial, frig.

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