One step closer to Kevin Bacon

So far today I have:
~ said “hi” to Mira Sorvino;
~ eaten free beef bourgignon courtesy of the film crew;
~ drunk a couple of free cups of coffee, also thanks to the film crew;
~ shaken hands with Donald Sutherland, who looked deep into my eyes and said “hello.” He said “hello” to me, in that voice. I almost bought a Volvo.
Not your average Tuesday.

8 Replies to “One step closer to Kevin Bacon”

  1. Hey, well, my wife once pinched Kevin Bacon on the bum when she saw him in a museum in Europe. So that’s gotta count for something.

  2. Yeah, I saw that film shoot this morning on the way to work. I was wondering if they were using that Crappy Tire as a stand-in for ye olde crappy/smelly/icky store. It’s not exactly yer upscale store.

  3. aj – cool. definitely counts for something.
    john – yup
    bec – nope, just a curious neighbour.
    kowy – I don’t know if they were filming there specifically. They were definitely filming in the house next door, and they had the extras catering and press stuff at the high school across from the CanTire.

  4. Aw, I miss seeing celebs in Montreal. Best I’ve done here is seeing Stephen Hawking in Cambridge (now that was pretty cool, actually). Oh and apparently Gwenyth Paltrow was here filming “Sylvia”. Woo.

  5. Well, my participation in this game would be unfair.
    But for what it’s worth, I was cast in Human Trafficking. However, the entire scene was cut before it was even shot.
    I’ve got a million show biz stories like that.

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