Willkommen! Bienvenue!

I’m just home from my very last College Teaching class – after the class, we went out for supper. Over the course of the meal, it was revealed that I am a blogger, and several of my classmates asked for my url.
You’ll note that the previous entry is my fifth journal entry – the others are also available, as are a couple of other reflections on this course. Just go to the Learning Curve section. If you’re interested in my faculty page, there’s a link in the sidebar (that’s the list of links over there <== ) under the 'Stuff for Students' heading.
Well, it's been a great semester (it feels a little weird that our semester's over when there's still a month of teaching left). I look forward to seeing you all, whether at the play next month, in phase II of the course, or elsewhere! Don't forget to eat your broccoli.