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  1. I dunno how bad that is. I’ve been warned about roommates that:
    -break things in your house and never even offer to pay for it
    -are up making a noise at all hours of the night
    -never bathe or groom themselves and have terrible hygiene
    -expect you to pay for things when you go out together
    -will go into hystrionics at the slightest provocation (screaming and crying are pretty much daily events)
    -request a specific diet and then demand that YOU provide it
    Oh, and by “roommate” I mean “baby”.

  2. Yeah, I have one of those. She’s exactly like this. She’s even demanded I purchase a specialized vehicle to take her on my runs with me.
    In about 18 to 20 years I’ll get up the nerve to evict her.

  3. I, too, have two such roommates – but in the seven years of ceaseless demands from these guys, never once has fruit been delivered from an “undisclosed location.”
    Also, so far – despite Robert’s occasionally disturbing episodes as his alter-ego, Vanessa – neither of them has demanded complete silence so they can indulge their upholstery fetish.

  4. Normally I wouldn’t be able to believe that that posting is genuine, but americans (especially Beverly Hills plastic surgeons) aren’t don’t qualify as anything remotely “normal”.
    Anyway, that guy is clinically f’ed-up. I don’t know what the non-technical term would be, though.

  5. Wait, Buffy reference. Could this be in relation to her first roommate in university, the one who collected toenails? Turned out to be a demon? Because this guy sure sounds like the same one.
    Damn, this is what you get from a weekend of watching season 7.

  6. Good catch, Michel. Interesting note – the actress who plays the demon-roommate is prominently featured in Mari Windsor’s pilates series.
    This is likely why I haven’t done pilates in ages. I’m not lazy – I’m scared of the demon woman. Yeah, that’s it.

  7. Ah, but if you pay attention, a few more shows into that season they show her again walking down the hall.
    The same way they had Spike in season 1, as a student. Blink and you miss it.
    Do not mock my Buffy love!

  8. I realize Maggie or Davezilla didn’t write that post copying mine, sorry to blindly accuse you I was just Pissed off today. Trying to work my job and figure all this stuff out at the same time making me go carrrrazzzzy. Verdict is still out who wrote the knockoff. Peace

  9. Hi Daniel,
    Understandable that you’d be PO’d that some one passed your words off as their own, but as you have said, neither Dave nor I either wrote that post or claimed that the other did. Furthermore, in both cases we DID make reference to the original source, as we had found it – in my case, I included the little “via Davezilla” link, and Dave mentioned at the top of his post that the text “originally” appeared on craiglist.
    As I said, I feel for you, and I do appreciate the conciliatory second comment. And, hey, a little extra publicity never hurt 😉 So no hard feelings!

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