6 Replies to “It was only a matter of time, really”

  1. Those are some of the nicest winter flowers I’ve ever seen. Did he do it all himself?
    And where are the pictures of Colin?

  2. The content was his decision – he even did a paper layout first. He specifically described it as “a page about favourite seasons.” We found the pictures together.
    RSS to come 😉

  3. That site is too cute for words!
    Oops, don’t tell him I called it “cute” ‘cos he’ll probably hate that. Tell him we all think it’s really, really cool. Like dinosaurs and racing cars cool. Yeah!

  4. I will pass along the kudos. Also, I think I’ll start peppering my conversations with the phrase “that’s not just cool, that’s dinosaur cool.”

  5. Geez, these kids today. When I was his age, we were lucky if we got our drawings on the fridge door. That and my parents used to jab me in the eye with pointy sticks once every hour….grumble…grumble.
    Seriously, though, there are people selling stuff on eBay that have pages half as good as that. And I doubt they’re seven…though you can never be too sure.

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