Why legalization is a bad thing

Today’s essay gem:
If marijuana were legalized, students “would defiantly have a hard time learning.”
So there.

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  1. Now, Maggie, you know I can’t leave that alone!
    By the time I threw in the towel, the vast majority of students were defiantly refusing to learn. They hadn’t had to work for decent–or even top–grades in high school, and they weren’t about to start now. So there! thbbbpppppt! And every instructor I ever talked to was seeing the same thing.
    No kidding–after two years, I found myself periodically chiding, scolding, cajoling and otherwise letting my students have it because only 25% were coming to class prepared, having done whatever reading or exercise had been assigned. Two years later, I’d have died to have that many coming prepared. In what should have been my last semester, I endured one morning when not one, single student was prepared. I fought back tears and knew the end was near.

  2. P.S. I don’t even think marijuana played a big role for most of the slackards. They’d just been trained. Most of the pot-heads dropped out along the way.

  3. um, shouldn’t the pot cut down on the defiance?
    i mean, seriously, whose got the energy to defy when you’re all chill and sh%t?

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