The Power of Positive Blogging

I [heart] Bruce and Vicki Small.
A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that a colleague had given me a Super 8 video camera. Bruce commented that my new camera was not such a great gift, given the cost of film, the hassle of set-up, and the nightmare of editing, especially compared to digital. I said “Yes, yes, all true – but I don’t have a digital video camera, and I’m not likely to have one handed to me anytime soon.”
So Bruce sent me his VHS camcorder.
Now, while I suspect this is all just a concerted effort to get me to make a public admission that not all Republicans are pure evil, I have to say I am overwhelmed, touched, and generally, well, overwhelmed, again.
Did I mention that the package included a telephoto lens, a wide-angle lens, the battery charger and the little, blinding light that sits on top? (Also, a small, dead Arizonan spider tucked away in the clock battery compartment, but I figure that’s probably a present for Heidi, not me:)
So, thank you, thank you, thank you. We will think of you every time we use the camera!

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  1. I think the Super 8 camera was a great gift from your friend, it was thoughtful of him/her, and there are advantages to film, but a camcorder is easier and simpler.
    I hope you enjoy it, and that it works okay after gathering dust for five years.

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