Things that are tickin’ me off this morning

1. The traditional semesterial bruhaha regarding which teachers are returning next semester, who gets to teach what, and whose name appears in the registration package;
2. The continuing saga of the video cable – still no part, still no screen;
3. I don’t care how light and fluffy it is, it’s still #^%$* snow.

5 Replies to “Things that are tickin’ me off this morning”

  1. I just dropped a month’s rent on telemark boots on the weekend. I feel validated when I see the snow fall. Yeah, you heard me.
    Granted, I, for the first time in my life, now live in a heated apartment, so that may explain some joy.
    Mmmm, snow.

  2. Gee, that’s strange; the weather here is perfect. I’d guess 70F, not a cloud in the gorgeous blue sky, the mountains are pretty, the cottonwood trees are just turning a golden color. I think I’ll take a break and sit under the trees for a while with the dogs.

  3. Yeah, well, 😛
    I’m afraid that’s the best retort I can muster – I think my brain’s frozen. At least it’s sunny this morning, even if it is -6 C (that’s about 20 F for Republicans).

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