Oh, all right. Sheesh

Via Clare:
Last Cigarette: 205 days ago! Yay, me!
Last Alcoholic Drink: last night (Moosehead).
Last Car Ride: Yesterday afternoon, to Canadian Tire and back.
Last Kiss: last night
Last Good Cry: honestly, don’t remember. There have been many movie-induced tears, however.
Last Library Book checked out: Jack Maggs, by Peter Carey. I didn’t finish it.
Last movie Seen in Theatres: Spiderman II
Last Book Read: Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown (author of The Davinci Code. Currently reading The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.
Last Movie Rented: 13 Going on 30.
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Fucking. But I blame our misadventures with our dishwasher.
Last Beverage Drank: Breakfast shake – OJ, slimfast, whey protein and peaches.
Last Food Consumed: ditto
Last Crush: Football players practice outside my office window. I’m fickle.
Last Phone Call: The Gazette, to cancel my subscription. They must have known, because they didn’t answer.
Last TV Show Watched: Scrubs
Last Time Showered: in just a few minutes, I swear.
Last Shoes Worn: Clarks wedgie sandals.
Last CD Played: “Me & Mr. Johnson,” Eric Clapton
Last Item Bought: Dish rack and drainer – hence Canadian Tire, and the conclusion to the dishwasher story.
Last Download: Flash, in order to play live video of new dishwashers. It’s like appliance pr0n.
Last Annoyance: Sour milk.
Last Disappointment: No coffee, given the sour milk
Last Soda Drank: Gingerale.
Last Thing Written: Comments on student papers.
Last Sleep: Last night.
Last Weird Encounter: My friend’s dog, who made very interesting sounds and puffed fur at us for no apparent reason. We tried food, belly scratches, water, out, in… it turned out what he really wanted was our hot chocolate.
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Don’t remember – yay, me, again!
Last Time Amused: Just now, because Colin is taking the verb quiz I gave my students on Friday – and he’s doing better than they did.
Last Time Hugged: last night, by a sleepy Robert.
Last Time Scolded: Yesterday – apparently I overreacted to the fact that our $%#$&^# dishwasher is $%#$&^# broken.
Last Time Resentful: Aside from the usual resentment at skinny people and bad drivers, I can’t really remember.
Last Chair Sat In: couch.
Last Underwear Worn: White thong.
Last Bra Worn: Peach-coloured Body bra from Victoria’s Secret. Really.
Last Shirt Worn: blue and white t-shirt.
Last Webpage Visited: http://hermitclare.blogspot.com/

9 Replies to “Oh, all right. Sheesh”

  1. Lisa – Haven’t read The Davinci Code yet – I read in bed, so I prefer paperbacks. I can wait. Angels & Demons was good, so I expect TDC will at least be worth reading.
    Cam – Lisa’s getting married!!!!!! Hence the vacation.
    Dina – Fine. Wanna come over and have pizza? Bring your own plastic utensils 😉

  2. Ah, okay! I got it in paperback, so I’ll be able to read it on the plane.
    Sorry, when I said “holiday” I should have said “vacation”. I’ve been living in the UK too long. 😉

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