Monkey with a tin cup

This month’s monkey – “Tell us something weird about yourself that involves music.” Ah, where do I begin?
As many monkeyers have confessed, I too find myself tormented by songs that are not necessarily on my top 100, shall we say. For instance, last week’s radio-in-my-brain song was I Think I Love You by the Partridge Family.
But here’s the weird part – not only are these RIMB songs more often than not terrible, terrible songs, they are also incomplete.
I find this particularly annoying because I usually have a really good ear for lyrics, so I can listen to a song once or twice and then sing along loudly- but correctly – each and every time the song is played on the radio (not the brain radio). But the RIMB songs, the ones I don’t actually like, are not songs I’ve really listened to, given that I don’t like them. So last week, for instance, my brain radio played the following:
I think I love you
So what am I so afraid of

da da da, a love there is no cure… for(?)

I think I love you

My other musical confession* is that I like pop and disco. Abba. Blondie. Shania. Now, granted, I’m sure there are plenty of closet pop fans out there – but beat this:
In college, I had a friend who I used to invite over so we could dance. Just the two of us. To Madonna’s Immaculate Collection. Get into the groove, boy.
I knew it was wrong. I even planned our rendezvous around my then-boyfriend’s schedule, to ensure we were never discovered. Oh, the shame.
*Spanish Inquisition – the Musical!

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