Kyle Shewfelt has just won Canada’s first ever medal in men’s gymnastics.
Update: Montrealer Chantal Petitclerc has also won gold, setting an Olympic record in the 800-metre wheelchair race. The medal doesn’t count toward the Canadian tally, because the race is a demonstration event. But woohoo!! nonetheless!

2 Replies to “GOLD!

  1. Wheeeee!! I guess all my chanting of “Give us a f****** medal!” repeatedly worked! (Please tell me that my unborn child can’t hear yet.)

  2. Brian Williams specifically mentioned you in his CBC commentary – “and if not for the profane shouting of one Lisa M, a former Canadian now living in the UK, we would likely not have any medals at all. Kyle Shewfelt, and Canada, owe a debt of gratitude to this lady.”

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