Olive leaf, my a**

When it comes to things like the Olympics, I am a total sucker. I absolutely buy the whole shebang. The athletes are heroes. The organizers altruistic. The world is a happy, fit, peaceful place to live. Sigh.
I watched every minute of the opening ceremonies, and felt a vicarious thrill for each and every one of the 202 competing nations, whether they had one athlete or hundreds. I am aware that in the grand scheme of things, whether or not some one can dive without a splash or toss a javelin way far is, frankly, irrelevant. But still. There’s something about the Olympics that makes me care that we have athletes like Alexandre Despatie, Emilie Heymans, Ian Millar, and Maryse Turcotte.
Having said that, the cynic in me insists on pointing out that the Olympic flame is, I’m sorry, a giant flaming penis.

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  1. A giant flaming penis? I think you can get a creme for that. 😉
    I have to sort through the BBC coverage for any signs of Canadian results, which is fine for the rowing (we are considered to be quite the competition to the British team) but not so good for everything else.

  2. This is what makes the Internet so brilliant – no matter where you are, you can find at least one site that is as concerned as you are about whatever country you choose.
    Unfortunately, so far the Canadians haven’t done much worth coverage – our swimmers aren’t making it into their finals, our men’s 8 has to row a repechage to get into their final, and our synchro divers didn’t do well, either.
    But it ain’t over til it’s over!
    Unrelated note – I’m still so excited about your news! Yay!! My sister-in-law is due around the same time, and my sister is expecting her third (!!!!) a month earlier. Babies, babies everywhere!

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