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  1. Oh my, yes. New Orleans is a great place to visit, but (a) I’m not sure I want to live there and (b) my children must never, never go there.
    On the other hand, Dr. T did some minimal research, and the various dens of iniquity are much tamer than their Montreal counterparts. But the N.O. places are a lot more in your face, with guys out on the sidewalk trying to drum up business; explicit photos on the front of the building (several of which are captioned “Wash the girl of your choice”); silhouettes of the dancers currently on stage; and one place with a hole in the wall, through which mannequin legs swing in and out.
    Booze is everywhere – dollar draft, dollar daquiris, hurricanes, hand grenades, vodka at the corner store…
    How’s this for irony – while typing this comment, I was interupted by a call from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

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