Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to vote we go

So the polls are open, the pundits are primed, and no one knows what the heck to expect. Sure, we’ll end up with a minority government, but who? In cahoots with whom? Suffice it to say we’re headed back to the polls soon, mark my words.
One last thing, for those who would vote for the Green Party:
Just because a party calls itself “The Fluffy Bunny Party” does not make it a good party. Similarly, “The heroic white hat wearers” – not necessarily good guys.

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The Green Party has a good name. C’est pas mal tout. Yes, the party supports Kyoto, but that’s neither here nor there, since there’s not much to Kyoto beyond a display of global goodwill. The Greens are fiscally and socially conservative. We’re talking Harper in a Greenpeace t-shirt.
Thus endeth the rant.
Go vote!!! For whomever you want, just do it. Remember – no vote, no bitching.

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  1. How is the green party socially conservative? I just finished reading their website (after it being inaccessible during the run-up to voting!) and other than their idea to do away with the gun registry, I didn’t really find anything that matched Harper’s social policies… Fiscally conservative, yes, but socially?

  2. Ok, perhaps I overstated the case – but the Green Party is, in my view, socially conservative:
    In terms of health care, the party says “there is a lot of money wasted by people who want expensive treatments like MRI scans that are not medically necessary. The serious problems are in having access to front line medicine, particularly in rural areas – this is mostly a provincial issue, but one we would address in the mandate of a National Health Care Council, as proposed by the Romanow Commission.”
    Furthermore, the party claims to support alternative treatments, but only philosophically, since “this is an area of provincial jurisdiction.”
    The Green Party condemns GMOs, which seems to me to contradict the image of the party – shouldn’t a progressive, globally conscious party support GMO research?
    As for child care, the Green policy is to hold a referendum “on creating a national public daycare program,” rather than simply implementing a program that is so obviously required. Why? Because according to the party platform, “there is a critical shortage of quality childcare spaces, but … daycare is not the preference of many families who would much rather have a parent stay home.”
    Finally, the gun control thing is a big issue for me – so I react rather negatively to any party that would do away with the registry.

  3. Ok. Got it.
    The only thing I would add to this is that GMO seems to be the dirtiest word/acronym in the Green vocabulary (especially considering the party’s European ties). The party image is tied to nature and natural processes and technology’s role would be to minimize human impact on the environment. Given that, being Anti-GMO fits perfectly.

  4. Genetically Modified Organism – Frankenfood to the scare mongers. Anything from tomatoes with fish genes to withstand frost to wheat with genes modified to withstand drought in Third World countries.

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