Procrastinators will rule the world someday

Lately, this blog has come to resemble nothing more than a showcase for my quiz results – it seems I am a coffee-flavoured, spiralling, stormy super-heroine. My apologies.
My only excuse is procrastination. I can’t speak for all procrastinators (most of them haven’t filled in the survey yet) but for me, the nature of procrastination dictates that I cannot expend brain power on creating content, because that’s exactly the kind of brain power I should be devoting to course content. Lesson plans. Reading lists. For my summer course. Which begins in less than three hours.
Under normal circumstances, a new course wouldn’t be a big deal. But under normal circumstances, the 60 course hours are distributed over 15 weeks – so classes meet twice a week for two hours each session.
The summer session is three weeks long. Total.
So we meet five days a week, for four hours at a time. Eep.
Not only do I have to have enough material for each session, I have to present in such a way that no one falls asleep, including me.
On the other hand, the course is Detective Fiction, which (for me) is like teaching a course about Buffy or The Flintstones. Conan Doyle! Christie! Chesterton! James (P.D., that is)! Etc.!
Anyway, I know I’m going to have a blast teaching this course. But that first four hour block is looming rather ominously. How apropos.

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  1. This course ends June 10th, and I’m back here mid-August. So, two months (ish) off. Woohoo!!
    Of course, some of that time is dedicated to course plans for next semester…

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