Weight of the whirled

Ok, proud of myself for not smoking for 66 days!!
On the other hand, not so pleased with the extra 10 pounds. This is not what I meant when I said I loved the hippy life.
So, new resolution – I’m going to get back into the pilates, and the walking – I haven’t walked Maggie the Poodle since before Christmas – and stop rewarding the non-smoking with the “occasional” maple-walnut muffin.
I miss smoking. I’m going to miss the muffins, too. Being thin and healthy better be worth it, is all I can say.

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  1. If it’s any consolation, the loss of metabolism after quitting cigarettes comes from not having to replace all the cells (none of them fat cells) in your body that were being killed by the smoking.
    Congrats on the quitting!

  2. My sister and her husband have stopped smoking too, they found it saves them 200 euros a month, which used to be the size of their monthly overdraft and they are quite happy with the way it has reduced their money worries.
    What are you treating yourself to now that you do not buy ciggies (apart from muffins that is) ?

  3. Yay Maggie yay! 67 days now! Woooohoooo!
    Sometimes I still miss smoking, too (usually when very stressed or very drunk). What I don’t miss: getting bronchitis every time I get a cold, stinking, yellow walls/monitor/books/etc., having a nic fit every long haul flight, standing outside the office during blizzards puffing on a cig (that I’m not really enjoying).

  4. Hear,hear – not to mention the stinky car, the yellow nails and fingers, and the residual stench on clothing and hair.
    Gawd, what were we thinking??

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