5 Replies to “Lunch”

  1. Roasted red pepper hummus rocks. Mmmmmmmm. We don’t get 7 pepper hummus because we’re always behind you fancypants North Americans. 😉
    BTW, congrats on being smoke-free! I always describe my first weekend smoke-free as being akin to a scene out of “Trainspotting”. I locked myself in my apartment, rented a ton of films, stocked up on liquorice, lollipops, and carrot sticks, and spent 48 hours thinking about nothing but smoking no matter how hard I tried not to. Sending happy thoughts to you!

  2. I think my esthetician might have some objections to the beard…
    Thanks for the positive vibes, Lisa! It’s now been 8 days, and I have not slipped once – despite a rather stressful, raised-voice, can’t sleep afterwards bad scene with a colleague on Thursday. So yay me!

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