The rewards of virtue

As you can see from the column to your left (that’s <—), I have been a very good girl. No smoking for 5 whole days!
I'm going nuts*.
In an effort to convince myself that quitting is the best thing I've ever done, I have calculated my savings and I have pretty much decided that mama's gonna get a brand new laptop.
There are a couple of wide-screen babies out there that I am drooling over…
I am now trying to figure out several things – do I buy on-line or in person? do I need Office Pro, or is the basic version good 'nuff? what are the pros and cons of monthly installment plans? if I go with Dell, should I pay an extra $1/month for the Burlwood snap-on cover? You know, important considerations such as these.
Any advice, recommendations, reviews (pro AND con), etc., are welcome, invited and eagerly anticipated.
* Freudians will get a kick out the fact that I initially typed “I’m going buts.”

4 Replies to “The rewards of virtue”

  1. Save up? I’d love to, but I don’t want to jeopardize my current standing as World’s Best Impulse Buyer.
    Yeah, Dell looks pricey – MB looks good, but the prices are comparable to Future Shop and Bureau en Gros – and MB’s financing is at a higher interest rate.

  2. Well, the whole thing with MB is that you save up and pay cash. Their systems are better for what you pay because the customization lets you splurge on important components and downgrade others, giving you better value for your money’s worth than a package joint like FutureShop. And maybe you can customize at FutureShop, but I’d never trust the monkeys there to fiddle in a computer I was oaying good money for.
    I’m saving up. I figure it’s worth it.

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