But it’s not about the money

Private Jessica Lynch, now honorably discharged for medical reasons, has signed a book deal. For one million dollars, she will tell us all about growing up in America – for this, it seems, is the premise of the book, not her Iraqi adventures.

The book is to be titled I am a Soldier, Too.

Is that in the sense of “I may be a photogenic blonde willing to compromise the truth for a photo op and a good story, but I’m a soldier, too?”

Apparently, she’s not a writer, too – the book will be co-written with Rick Bragg. Bragg is the Pulitzer-winning journalist who resigned from the NY Times last spring “after the newspaper suspended him over a story that carried his byline but was reported largely by a freelancer.”

None of the articles I’ve seen disclose who will be on the committee to review the book for conformity to the official version of events.