A very special day

Tidbits written at the Royal Victoria Hospital
8:23 a.m. So the phone rang this morning at the ungodly hour of 7:30 (it rang prior to that as well, but I guess we were too fast asleep to hear it). After a frantic search for the phone, which was hiding in the kitchen, I retrieved a message from Steve.
So now I’m at the Royal Vic, in the waiting room, waiting.
Dina’s water broke this morning, and she’s at this very moment under the knife, having a baby!!!
As some of you know, this has not been the easiest of pregnancies. Dina’s been watching every mouthful of food since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The most recent issue has been the fact that the baby refused to turn, and was presenting in a frank breech (butt first). In Quebec, and many other places, they will not deliver a breech vaginally, and automatically sign you up for a C-section. Dina did go in for a ‘version,’ a procedure with which they try to turn the baby, but at the last minute they decided against it because all the signs were against it being successful.
And now, in just a matter of minutes, I’m going to be an almost-aunt!
9:14 a.m.
It’s a boy!!!!
Bennett Wark weighed in at 6 lbs, 2 oz, moments ago.
I have not seen the new Mom yet, but believe me when I say Dad is glowing. Steve seems very relaxed, quite an accomplishment under the circumstances, and, of course, really, really happy.
I brought my camera, so I will be posting the first pix of Bennett – probably with this post, as a matter of fact. That’s the problem with blogging in advance. I have no idea what the next entry will bring…
1:17 p.m.
I have pictures, but I’m not allowed to post them. Parental priority or some such nonsense. We’re in the post-partum room now, chatting and generally being quietly thrilled. Ben is gorgeous and tiny and miraculous. Post-partum recovery seems to be going well, Dina is happy and only slightly dizzy. Pictures available soon!!