Red Letter Day

Today began a little too early, with a phone call from the school in Boucherville. I got to be the gym teacher! It’s always nice to work in sweats. I had a good day, a lot of good kids, and three of them told me I was beautiful.
Does it count as MILF status if the kids are too young to know what the F means?
I got home, made myself a nice cuppa, and went through my e-mail, which included a message from Elizabeth about a job posting she got. I read the post, decided it was something I was interested in, and sent in my CV around 3 p.m.
At 3:45, the phone rang – it was the woman doing the hiring, who wanted to meet me. Half an hour later I was in her office (please note, this means not only did I make it back across the bridge to Brossard in under 30 minutes, I also had time to change from Gym Teacher to Interviewee). She had one other candidate to talk to after I left.
She called me at 5:30 to say the job was mine.
So, starting Monday, I’ll be teaching an adult education course on the basics of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, two nights a week. Essentially, this is the same deal I almost got from the college in Ottawa, except that this one seems more likely to happen, and it’s not in freakin’ Ottawa.
Also in today’s email: an interview with a Web-based learning company to teach English, and another one with a corporate learning company to do the same. And I still had time to call and arrange a meeting with the school at which Colin will be registered. Next week, he’ll officially be part of the system.
To sweeten the already-scrumptious day, during the interview she gave me another job tip – apparently there’s an outlying French CEGEP that’s desperate for ESL teachers – and gave me names at Concordia and McGill in reference to a Certificate program in Adult Ed – in other words, I could do an abbreviated certificate, rather than the complete B.Ed., which would still make me more attractive to CEGEPs. Of course, according to my students, more attractive is not possible…
And now the hubby is on a Haagen-Daaz expedition. What more could a girl ask?