Sporadic activity, thy name is blogging

Early morning thinking is overrated.
Here’s the scenario: something wakes me up – a small child, a snoring husband, or demands for attention from a cat who is capable of producing a remarkable amount of noise, given her overall smallness. Despite my best efforts to stay asleep, my brain turns on and random thoughts start to cross my mind. Getting back to sleep becomes more and more hopeless, until I give in and get up.
So here I am, at 5:38 a.m. on a Saturday morning, updating my blog, waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, and watching the Pope die.
A sampling of the random thoughts:
~ Most of us have seen that picture of Terry Schiavo, captured from a family video this summer. Yesterday I saw, for the first time, a picture of her before her brain was damaged. While I do feel for her parents, I still feel that theirs was a hopeless case, and that Ms Schiavo’s death is a release from a non-life. Now that I have seen how beautiful and dynamic she was before, I cannot help but feel a certain amount of outrage that this past decade and a half has only ensured that she will be remembered as a pathetic inhuman lump, rather than a vivacious young woman whose life was cut short.
~ Reading Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons has, as it turns out, been educational. As I keep this morbid Pope-watch, I realize that I now know more about the relevant terminology and ritual that I did a few months ago.
~ Are these guys serious, or what? (Thanks, Irene)
~ If the paper has arrived, it’s not too early to be awake, right?
~ I am not usually a pre-dawn TV watcher. Is this really the kind of advertising that goes on at this hour? Also, can one become a professional musician whose specialty is sad TV muzak?
~ Or a graphic artist whose specialty is TV backgrounds for similarly emotional occasions?