Vegetarian stroganof

Tonight we’re having one of our mainstays: stroganof. I remember stroganof as one of the few vaguely exotic dishes my mum used to make (sole amandine was another). My dad’s a conservative eater, so it was never easy to introduce new flavours. Stroganof, back home, is rather less appealingly called “that gray stuff.”
This version is decidedly low cuisine, not to mention ultra-quick.
1 large onion
butter/oil/spray for frying
1/2 pound mushrooms*
1/4 cup wine**
1 package soy ground round
1 cup sour cream (low fat OK)
1/4 tsp nutmeg
salt & pepper
1 package egg noodles (375 g broad)
*I usually just use one regular container of sliced mushrooms -fast! Otherwise, you’ll have to do your own slicing.
**the original recipe calls for white wine, but I just add a 1/4 cup from the bottle we’ll be drinking – good excuse to open the bottle early 😉
Cook the egg noodles (usually 6 minutes) while you prepare the rest.
Saute the onion for a few minutes, until it starts to soften. Add the mushrooms and saute for a few more minutes, until the mushrooms start to release their juices. Add the wine and let it simmer a minute, then add the ground round and mx it up. Add the nutmeg, sour cream and salt & pepper, and let it simmer another 5 minutes or so.
Noodles + sauce in bowl – tada!
We eat this with Chateau du Grand Caumont, a nice French Corbieres.

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