Avocado & Mango Salsa

I’ve made this for a few gatherings now, and inevitably at least one person requests – nay, demands – the recipe, so here it is. It is in fact remarkably easy, particularly if you cheat with the mango and use the frozen chunks (I tend to have lots on had because I use them for my cereal, fruit and yoghurt breakfast concoction). The key is to be generous with the coriander and ginger, and use fresh avocado. I am delighted that the fruit & veg guys at the local farmers’ market know their alligator pears pretty well, and can always find me a couple at just the right stage.
• 1 perfectly ripe avocado
• Half a red onion
• 1 mango (see note below)
• Small bunch of fresh coriander (I tend to be generous in my definition of “small”)
• One red chili, and/or one jalapeno pepper (decide based on how hot you want the salsa to be)
• 1” piece of ginger (again, be generous in your estimate here)
• Dash of Tabasco
(Note: I use 1 cup frozen mango chunks instead of a fresh mango – don’t even bother thawing if you’re making this ahead of time. In fact, if you’re making this for a picnic, use frozen fruit so it stays cool in transit.)
Chop everything into large chunks, then toss everything into the food processor, and whiz everything together until you have the consistency you want – you can go chunky or smooth! If you’re using the frozen fruit, it’s a little harder to chop the mango into recognizable pieces, and you’ll probably end up with a bright green puree rather than a colourful melange. If you want true chunks, forgo the processor and get out the sharp knife.
Serve with anything that you’d serve with tomato-based salsa, such as tortilla chips, pita toasts, or frittata.

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