Lemon Apple Cake

Mum sent me this recipe, partly because she loved the cake, and partly because the original recipe was a complete hodgepodge measurement-wise. I did some converting (I’m a kitchen proselytizer!) and this is what I got. I have a few apples desperate to be used, so I may even test this one today!

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New link

For Christmas I gave Nicole the Food Substitutions Bible, which I think is a great book (which I don’t yet own, hint, hint), even if it does seem to include many, many things for which I doubt I’ll ever need a substitute, such as kangaroo meat.
Today I discovered an online equivalent (yes, a substitute for the substitute book). Next time you’re at a loss, check out The Cook’s Thesaurus.

Colin’s recipe

If anyone has an accompanying rice pudding recipe to contribute, preferably one of those really creamy versions, send it on in!