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Congrats to Joel – he now has the highest rating (2711) he has had during the time I’ve been keeping the stats (which turns out to be more than ten years!). He didn’t quite catch up to Dave, who is at 2716.
Joel mentioned he hasn’t been ahead of Dave for more than ten years. I had thought he had been ahead at some point during my watch, but I no longer have all of the files. What I do have is a hard copy of the year-end of 1994 (just before I took over) and the year-end of 1995. That shows Joel trailing Dave by 7 points at the end of August 1994.
Year-to-date stats are still messed up. I’ll post them when they are repaired.
Sary noticed I originally reported those ratings as 1711 and 1716 – definitely not the right ratings for Joel and Dave!

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Sorry that the links to those year end stats scans don’t work. I think the images were lost during the previous web site move several years ago.

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