If former PMs can return from the dead*, so can I


I haven't posted in decades because (a) I've been very distracted by Facebook, (b) I've been even more distracted by Twitter [<3 evrthng n 140 chrctrs. Brv = soul of wit] and (c) recent changes in our computer set-up at home mean that I cannot, techically, see my own blog. For a few months, I though no one else could, either, but apparently I was mistaken.

The current post is just a promissory note; a longer post on the educational reform in Quebec is in the offing, and barring any further distraction/technical difficulties will be posted anon.

*another in my long list of reasons the Internet is a wonderful thing: inside jokes with dead politicians.


In case you're wondering, I still can't see my own blog on my home computer. I'm commenting now using my phone. The IT department (a.k.a. Dr. T) will be hearing from me.

And the IT department comes through! Yay!

Very true! Makes a chnage to see someone spell it out like that. :)

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