Ten points for style, minus several million* for...


So on Thursday, one of my classes had to hand in their rewritten essays. Naturally, a few people didn't show up, presumably under the (mistaken) impression that if I don't see them, I don't notice that their papers are not on time.

Ten minutes into the class period, there's a knock on the door. I open the door to find one of the missing students, who hands me her paper, coughs, and then says she can't stay because she has bronchitis, but she wanted to get her paper in.

So yes, kudos for demonstrating that you respect my deadlines and take my class seriously, but I'm not sure about the whole pulmonary infection thing. Also, I believe this is your plague rat.

*I have a leftover, unopened roll of rockets from Hallowe'en that goes to the person who first correctly identifies the reference in the title.


Zaphod Beeblebrox in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Please allow 4-6 weeks for prize delivery.

Thanks for shainrg. Always good to find a real expert.

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