Relaxing (finally)


Well, we're here, in the idyllic Cotswolds... the World's Greatest Mother-in-Law (TM) has taken the boys off to the flat we're staying in, and I'm chillin' in the living room of Moorwood Stables, listenting to Muse and the Foo Fighters with the World's Greatest Sister-in-Law (now with complimentary bump) and one of my two outlaw brothers.

We spent the afternoon at the the Cotswolds Show (pictures on flickr). We're headed to Wales tomorrow and Glasgow next week. Our tickets are booked for the next Harry Potter movie. The WGM-i-L continues to be the WG chef. My favourite dog of all time, Scrabble the horse herder, remembered me and was satisfyingly happy to see me.

Life's good.


Maggie, those photos are just gorgeous. Lucky, lucky you. What incredible scenery.

BION I'm impesrsed! Cool post!

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