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I'm still at a loss for words, or at least a loss for the intellectual energy required to reflect on what's going on in the world ~ at some point, maybe I'll have something to say about the Sheryl Crow TP debacle (um, she was kidding ) or the Jessica Lynch affair (they were lying), but for now the best I can come up with is a list of neologisms inspired by my own question in the previous post.

How self-absorbed am I (enough to get by on one square, perhaps)?

So I have been thinking along the lines of "blodging," "retriblog" or "blogsplanation," having rejected a series of phrases, such as "bloggier-than-thou," "hot-blogging" and "a real bloghard." Mum's suggestions were interesting, but would no doubt lead to me referring to myself as a "blithering" idiot, and frankly, there's already enough of that without me doing it to myself.

Right now, my personal favourites are "self-bloggelation" and "mea blogpa."

Further suggestions will be entertained, of course.


If it hasn't been suggested before, I submit "blogstipation".

Getting blogged down?

I think I like "blodging" best.

According to the internets, "blogstipation" is the accepted term you seek.

Although I personally offer up "writer's blog", because that's just funny on so many levels particular to you. In my head, anyway.

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