Somebody wake up that dog

The end is in sight! One more class of oral presentations this evening, and two workshops on Monday, then the summer semester is over!
Of course, I am faced with the usual towering pile of essays – but I have taken Vicky’s advice: I am telling my students to let me know if they want comments; otherwise, I’m just reading and marking. I managed to knock off five of them this afternoon!
If all goes well, I’ll be finished marking by next Tuesday, if not earlier. Someone needs to tell Snoopy get ready for the traditional end-of-semester Happy Dance.

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  1. I’m doing the vacation is coming up dance only I’m all feet so the vacation is bound to pass quickly.

  2. This just reminded me of something weird (not that I need reminding of weird things, but I digress, if only briefly, although I often digress more than I let on that I intend to, but not on this occasion, as I intend to get straight to the point – riiiiight – now!):
    The Swedish word for “vacation” is “semester”. Yep. Spelled the same and pronounced the same. Bloody confusing at first I can tell you.
    I was about to digress again, but I’ll refrain.
    Hope you’re having a great summer. Don’t ask about mine; you don’t want to know. But thanks for now thinking of asking.

  3. Hhhmmm…yes, well.
    I won’t go into the girlfriend-with-Hyperthyroidism-and-hormones-like-a-schizoprenic-geiger-counter-who-has-now-left-back-to-Stockholm thing, then. Hasn’t all been drunken revelry and happy Smelly Cats, ya know. But I’m OK, really. We’re both OK. It’s a relief, actually – for both of us.
    I’ll call you sometime soon to explain. XX to all

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