Is this a new Hallowe’en tradition?

So there I am this morning, minding my own business, when a colleague walks in and gives me this:
Braun Nizo Integral7
Of course, there’s no manual, but I found one here. There’s also no film, but I assume one can still easily obtain Super 8 sound film.
Screw Xmas, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

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  1. Stop and think of why someone would give away their Super 8 camera, as I did ten years ago. Actually, I dumped it.
    Answer: The film is quite expensive, it is a pain to set up and project, and digital video is so much cheaper and easier to edit and play there is no comparison.

  2. Yes, yes, all true – but I don’t have a digital video camera, and I’m not likely to have one handed to me anytime soon.
    On the other hand, I do work with/hang out with various people who do weird stuff that occasionally involves film equipment, so it may not be impossible to get support, and even film… and barring that, I can always give the camera to one of them 😉
    By the way – nice to see you’re still checking in, Bruce! Hope all is well.

  3. All was wonderful until last night. Buttercup, my mom’s cat that we adopted when my mom died earlier this year, was killed by a coyote in the yard. She was aloof, which is redundant when describing a cat, but at 8 pm every evening she would come into my office and announce with a loud MEOW that it was time for her snuggle, and for ten minutes we were close. We’re going to miss her. K-Kat was looking out the windows for her last night.
    Separate subject: You said you don’t have a digital video camera, but have you ever wanted a VHS camera? We have one gathering dust in one of the spare rooms. I have the manual and charger. We abandoned it when we switched to digital. Free to a good h*o*m*e.
    You’re probably wondering why the h*o*m*e? Because if I spell it the normal way the blog system won’t let me post!
    Send me an e-mail with delivery instructions if you are interested.
    ps Vicki and I, staunch conservative Republicans both, just voted for George.

  4. I am mystified, so I’ll try that word again. I’ve never heard of any objection to the word starting with “h” and meaning where we live.
    Nope, it won’t allow the word which is similar to house. “Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: (the word starting with h is here).

  5. Ok, issues with the word “home” have been addressed.
    Zeffie, dude, chill. (In case you’re wondering, Zeffie is a colleague, although how he can call himself an English teacher when he just doesn’t get Monty Python is beyond me.)
    Oh, and while I’m writing anyway, let me just add that Bruce rocks. Bruce, you are without a doubt The Man.

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