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Current population of our house:

1 4-year old boy (human (reportedly))
1 6-year old boy (human)
1 adult male (human)
3 adult females (one maggie, one mother-in-law, one aunt-in-law, all more or less human)
1 nursing female with 4 babies (raccoon)

To the left of the mother, look closely - two heads
Well, at least some one's using the upstairs balcony

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Well, that's an 11-3 X to Y chromosome ratio. Seems like a possibility for recessive genes to come to the forefront.

It's an anomaly - usually, the Ys outnumber the Xs. Dr. T's mum and aunt are temporary visitors (as are the raccoons, whether they like it or not).

Granted, I left the female cat off the list, but she is neutered - does that count?

During the semester, when I'm off at school during the week, the poor cat is left at home with three males. The testosterone must be overwhelming...

ha! i was hosting a small party on my patio thursday when a guest exclaimed "omigod! is that a raccoon coming down from your second floor balcony?" indeed it was. it sauntered up to one of the cats. they sniffed each others noses, then the raccoon disappeared under my shed. two years ago, i had a family of skunks under the shed. this is an improvement.

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